A mysterious door appears in front of you as you are out and about. The door is covered in white and black splatter paint with a carving of a rose on the front. The initials B.R. are at the center of the rose in elegant script.  You reach out curious and slowly the brass door nob turns. The door swings open letting the sent of roses and vanilla slip out and swirl around you. As you step in you see a small library with windows letting in the light. The library has a cozy feel to it and it is nice and warm making you relax. There are a few chairs about all with enough padding for people to snuggle in and read their favorite story.

"Hello and welcome to my library." My voice rings out and I smile softly as I spot you sliding down a ladder, I was using to put books away. Dusting off my long black skirt, I turn and bow to you slightly showing you respect.

"Hello my name is Blackrose and it is a pleasure to meet you thank you for visiting my library. I assume you have some questions for me. Let's sit." I guide us to a set of chairs and slip my legs under me to sit on them carefully as we talk.

Tell me about you?

I smile and watch you quietly. "I am a writer in my spare time and I hope you check out my stories I have written on here in the forums. I am a Ghost Bird lover and hope I can enchant you with my fan fictions by throwing different curves into the stories. In addition, I am a sucker for romance."

"I hope I answered a few of your questions." I smile as you stand and look at me. "I really love to make new friends so please feel free to message me or friend me."

Walks you to the door and bows deeply as you leave.
Thank you for visiting.
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