Pigs just flew and I'm pretty sure the earth moved beneath us but, I'm VERY proud to announce that Zeus will have a new chapter!!


O my god!! Thank you for updating 
          	  I love your books. I hope u update others soon too!!


G'day I'm a fan of your stories :-) I hope you are good and everything is ok I think your readers are worried cause we've not heard from you so let us know that your okay :-) hoping to hear from you soon 


Why don't you update anymore we all want to read Zeus but you haven't been updating that story in almost 2 years and it is such a good story everyone Loves it


Please update Sin, Zeus, and Alpha- it's been forever!!! And maybe it would be wise to put them on hiatus if you don't plan on updating?


Are you ever gonna finish alpha, or at least attempt to add more? If not, just mark it as a short, short story and complete. It's been driving people crazy for a while now.


@loups_sauvages right. I just read the summary or description of the story and Ifell in toyal love with it. Then I saw on part updated and was like WHAT! UPDATE PLEASE PERSON UPDATE PLEASE. 


heeyyy please update soon! all your stories are freaking amazing; just the description draws me in already. But you only have one chapter for most of them.. please don't be the type of author(YOU'RE AN AUTHOR.) who just leaves their books hanging‼️ 


What happened?!?! You kind of fell of the face of the earth since February. Please come back and update.  Even if its just one story, i will read any of them!