This is a link to a book that shares something horrifying, please check it out and let me know if anyone else learns something more on this:


Honestly I found your account and book because of a commenter reading list in some other book. I don’t regret reading The Enchanting Rapture. Thanks for the follow by the way. 


just stumbled across tis profile and what I want to tell u is that your music taste is✨ *chef kiss*


I've just finished rereading a thousand instincts and I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ......i can't wait for the sequel..... When will it come out???? 


Hey, ya'll! TPQ here. I'm gonna be honest with ya'll and say that I haven't been writing too much lately. It isn't because I don't want to, but it's because of the end of the semester and I guess I have just been mentally preoccupied. Anyway, I'm letting ya'll know that I will be working hard on a couple stories for ya'll this winter break and I'm very excited about it! 
          p.s. thank you for all these views, it's incredible that I still get notifications 
          Stay sexy,


Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us! Hoping for more stay safe and hydrated


Hi, I really enjoyed yr work on thousand instincts. Yr gift for writing truly is explicitly done. Quick question , for the upcoming sequel ; when do u think will we be able to see it soon ? Thank you for yr time. Stay safe , stay well.


Y’all I am never satisfied with the cover of ‘a thousand instincts’!! Any advice?? Or any artistic people who want to put me out of my misery?? 


@TheParableQueen check out QueenOfRohan on wattpad ,i personally love all her works,XD


that’s exactly how I was with my book Desolate haha! my cover was done by someone else, so i’d say ask someone who’s interested 


          How are there still people whose eyes are closed as to what this movement really is?
          They don't care about me, they don't care at all. Not unless I'm killed by a white police officer.


and outside that, police brutality, maybe not in deaths, is still valid I believe, because as far as I know 65% of the cops in US are white (non hispanics) and 12% are black the remaining are white hispanics and others, and it's a common fact that white people have experienced the least amount of racism etc, and due to the fact, their privilege hasn't let them realise what's racist or not, and even if they do, it could be an internal system they've grown up with a superiority complex, ofcourse, it's not all, or even the majority of white people, but comparatively to other races, they're used to it, so commonly, some of them are more likely to treat a white person with more respect than a black person, again, not stereotyping, but the blm movement is tryna bring awareness to all, and I see it as 'black lives matter' is for emphasis, because honestly, the mindset of some people I know is absolutely revolting, and i genuinely think in the long run, it has unitized us, I hope what I was tryna say made sense, if you think anything I said was bs please lmk


@no_gurl_BYE I know the whole conversation is within you both, but id just like to put in my thought processing of the blm movement, you can ask me to mind my own business if i bother either of you or it feels like im intruding, I personally haven't really looked into the organization itself, but if what you're saying is factually correct especially about the creator and such, than i agree, that for sure is disrespectful and down right wrong, but i feel like after george floyds passing, it was a trigger, not just essentially for police brutality, but racism in general, especially when it was caused by the people who are meant to protect you, and i for sure disagree on the whole defund the police and hatred against them, because not all cops are bad, everything has a good and bad side, be it organizations, communities or even the movement, it just depends on which is heavier yk what I mean? like personally, im not black, but im a poc, and the blm movement has reached out to and ive gotten educated about things I hadn't realised before, like for racism, say the use of the n word, it was never part of my vocabulary because no one close to me used them either nor anyone around me, but I never knew it was an offensive term till the blm movement started bringing in awareness about racism against them in general, similarly, so many more people have gotten sensitized about racism against black people and have caught on to that, with more educated people, there's more unity, decrease of smaller racist insults and such because there are more people who are defensive of the community now that we know the importance of the words, 


@no_gurl_BYE I see what you are saying. I do not disagree that there are plenty of other problems to address. I have also heard about shady things going on with the leaders of this organization. Darn it, I'm doing school work right now, and this has been a really interesting conversation. I need to get back to my work, but I will try to reply to this conversation so that I can answer more thoroughly in a couple hours.


Hello, folks! I’ve gotten a second message about about a similar topic so I just want to clarify something. Whenever I write, I risk offending people. Of course, I always want my readers to be comfortable when they read. Now, in regard to religion. I am personally religious, so I understand the passion behind it. 
          Let me just tell you the problem. A person was concerned that I used the name Mohammad for a minor character in my story, and kindly asked me to change the name. It really didn’t matter to me, so I agreed. I left their message at the end of the chapter where the character is introduced in the meantime before I change it. 
          Now, another person has messaged me that since I have agreed to change the name Mohammad, they have asked me to refrain from using the name Jesus in a sentence. For example, when someone says it when they’re annoyed or scared. 
          I need you guys to be understanding here. I agreed to make that change, because it didn’t seem to be too big of a deal for me. I recognize that maybe I may have offended some people while doing that. 
          I cannot please everyone and I’m not going to try to. I care about you guys, and that’s why I want to address it before anyone else messages me. 
          If I do something disrespectful, I have no problem with someone calling me out (not that the people who have messaged me have not been very kind and respectful!). 
          I guess what I’m saying is, please do not be offended if I don’t make certain changes just because I decided to make other changes, and even if you are, I hope you remember that I will always be open to a respectful conversation and an understanding heart. 
          Anyway, I realize I may be making a bigger deal out of this than it really is, but you guys know I jump at the opportunity to communicate with you all! 
          I hope you all are doing well and staying safe! 
          Stay Sexy, 


@TheParableQueen for me the use of Jesus in a sentence - as might be seen as disrespectful , makes your book realistic cause let's face it we use the name Jesus a lot and sometimes in vain . So the fact that it's in a book makes it easier to connect to the characters feelings ...


I love your response but totally agree you should write your story your way..there are millions of people in the world and no matter what you change you will always be guaranteed to offend someone inadvertently. Love you work xx


@TheParableQueen here's my two cents worth on the subject. Write your story exactly as you wish. Who gets offended, gets offended. They can continue reading or find something else to read. Dont ever change your story to please someone because you will forever be making changes to please the babies that are on these apps. Time youre done trying to please everyone, the story wont be yours anymore ,but the people who dont have even one percent of the talent or determination that you had to sit, stand or lay down while you turned your idea of a story into a reality still will find something to nitpick at. Constructive criticism accept willingly, overzealous, religious nuts (who shouldnt be reading any book other than their version of the bible) ignore steadfastly. Keep doing you and ignore the haters