Hi ummm I guess I have to write about my self here, we'll here I go (lol, "here we go", I just remember that from Mario cart and now I'm wheezing 😂😂)

*My name's Teresa but everyone calls me RJay

*My favorite colour is green🌱🍃💶💚

*My best friend is Troy (I don't remember his Wattpad name at the moment I am writing this and when I do remember I most likely won't edit this as I'm to lazy)😘

*I'm mixed, my mum is from El Salvador and Jamaica whilst my dad is from England 🇸🇻🇯🇲🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

*I'm a girl

*My favorite foods are pizza rolls and fry chicken (my true love's)🍗🍕

* I am always watching YouTubers like Dan and Phil, Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee, Superfruit, Shane Dawson, and the list goes on and on

* I also love music(all kinds) (if y'all u have any suggestions I'm open to hear)

*My day of birth is November 9th♏️

Ummm......... I guess that all thanks . reading my long ass bio

Bye and I hope you have a lovely day!!!l
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