Hey, my name is Eva Parks. I'm 15, and I love to read, sing, draw and write. My hobbies include watching movies and sleeping. I'm reckless, stupid and all you gotta say. And I love to drink coffee. I have done nothing in here so long so... it's all about me in this.

I don't even know why the hell I'm even typing the below.

*Facts about me*

~TEEHEE, Ryan Higa anyone?
~Okay? Okay.
~14 turning to 15
~Likely to be the famous teen actress. (JK!)
~Beautiful like a potato. The famous couch potato.
~Writes a story about cliche and princes but quits dreaming about them in real life.
~Marvel or D.C? I just LOVE both. And Spidey, and Flash, and Batman, and Iron Man, and Cap, and Nova, and Hawkeye. I need a tape over my mouth.
#Works. 'FINALLY'

Graffiti Of Love, it's stupid. Read it and turn stupid.
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