First off, the lord of the rings is epic, for those of you who have the time to read through them, (hence the username) I'm also a total geek with an author for a dad who loves coming up with stories with massive amounts of irony and twist endings compacted into one; I also love quantum physics, although that is quite irrelevant on this website, but still, i am intrigued by quantum mechanics.  Other than the Lord of the Rings, I am a slight fan of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Maximum Ride, and any other good book out there. The quantity of friends I have is really low, but some regard me as an explicit genius, but sometimes I beg to differ, because just like you reading this, I can only use the identical amount of brain cells; and a blade can hew me to bits, but to get off the subject of eerie darkness, another thing about me is that I am not chauvinistically in thinking, and if you have read through this, I thank you :D
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This is the future, a renovation of things of this time, and war, intergalactic war. In one dimension of...

Flint: The Undesirable

Flint: The Undesirable

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