Random, Imaginative, artsy, bubbly, and a bit weird in a good way? Lol.

I don't have specific themes for the stories I write - just whatever floats my fancy at the time of writing :)

I love kick-ass women and hate damsels in distress - go figure. Ha! When i'm not writing, I'm reading in solitude. But when I feel like socialising, you'll be surprised that I'm actually not a snob and quite extroverted. :)

Bad boys seem attractive in stories but I prefer nice guys in reality :)

I write for fun and not for popularity, though it's good motivation to be appreciated on top of the ingrained love for writing. Thanks for reading in advance, and if you feel like commenting or suggesting, feel free to do so. I thrive on constantly trying to improve my craft when I feel like it. LOL!

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TheOmega TheOmega Aug 03, 2012 01:43PM
To everyone who voted and commented, thank you :) very much appreciated. xoxo
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A Woman's Worth

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Description: What really is it about men & women? Meet the handsome, talented, educated, most sought after eligible bachelors of all time... Well, at least for them --> *girls squeal* Except for her, that is... Laur...


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