Add the #TheOddProject to your bio to promote the need to be unique and different in story writing.

Add the #TheOddProject sticker to your book!!!
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#TheOddProject is a movement created by @xXxDreamWeaverxXx in order to encourage the various writers of the Wattpad community, to get out of their comfort zone and dare to be different.

The purpose of this campaign to help writers be un-cliche and write stories that are out of the box.

What does different mean?
According to Oxford Dictionaries, it means 'Not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality' With that being said, The Odd Project aims to make stories 'Not the same as each other'

If you have a book that falls under the criteria of this campaign, feel free to tag it with the official #TheOddProject hashtag and add the sticker to the cover of your book. All the books pertaining to the camping shall be added to the reading list.

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Affiliates: @ProjectEmotie , @WritersProgress
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What Is The Odd Project?
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