Well Ello There!c:
My Name Is McKenzie, But I'm Also Know As Micky, Kenzie, Kenz, And Other Stuff. xD
My Wonderful Lover Is gummybearsinparadise.<3
I Has An Amazing Girlfriend.c:
I Like To Write, But I'm ALWAYS Procrastinating. xD

Music Is Like My Way To Express Myself. :3
I Play Both Electric And Acoustic Guitar, And One Song On The Piano. xD
I ADORE Hugs And Love. :3
I Tend To Do Bad Things?
Oh Well.
People Tend To Like Me...
Most The Time.

I've Changed Since The 6th Grade, For Better And For Worse.
I Color My Hair Because It's Awesome!
I've Had Blue And Purple Tips,
Bleach Blonde,
Bleach Blonde With Purple Tips,
And Brown! :3

Love Makes The World Go Round.

I've Been Vegetarian Since May 10th, 2011, And Still Going Strong! :3
I Love My Cats, Dogs, And Rabbits.c:
I'm VERY Disorganized. D:
I Don't Regret Doing Anything.c;
I Just Take What Happened, As A Lesson To Learn From. :3
I'm also bisexual.<3

Love Yew Guys!
ByeBye. <3
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    Royal Palm Beach
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    Aug 24, 2011 04:04AM

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Trolling On Omegle. :3

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