Holaaaaa my fellow unicorns. 

Yes, I do believe in unicorns. I may lose my belief in religion along the road to wrinkles, but never in unicorns. I mean who wouldn't believe in a horse with a magical spiral horn that can grant wishes? Certainly not this girl.

I could raw salmon everyday. I swear, I could.

Anyslut, I never finish my writing pieces. I can start but never finish. But I shall try with every fat molecule (there's a gazillion in one finger) to finish it for your reading. And please excuse the long durations where I do not update my feeds/statuses, this is either because I'm afraid to come on because I haven't uploaded the next chapter to a story or because I'm too busy stuffing myself with salmon.

I mostly write short stories. (Pshhh, figures)

That is all ladies and unicorns.
Have a unicorn-tastic day!
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TheMustacheBunny TheMustacheBunny Apr 12, 2013 01:26PM
Apparently thanking people on Wattpad for following is considered restricted content? Nice. 
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