I think im pretty ok. I like ANY kind of music kind from soulful Jeff Buckley songs to mindless dubstep from classy Frank Sinatra to that scorching HOT mess that is Courtney Love, and from Amy Winehouse to the Ramones and Sex Pistols. And anything reggae. But mostly thegood stuff that range from the 30s-90s y know

I dont even know if Wattpadians do the whole cover making ritual like they did in the day but if you need something quick and simple Im your girl. Need my photoshop practice.

I live films. HUGE film Buff can talk about movies and actors all day if you wanna ;) But i can sit down and read a book if its good enough.

Spam my page all you want, only because I like getting notifications on my message board. and I'll probably spam you back when I get the chance.
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