I'm Jalissa.I'm a High Schooler, and I'm in Creative Writing CAPA.
I usually write short stories. I <3,Horror, Mystery, and romantic stories, and that's mostly what you're going to be seeing. As you can see i <3 music too! I also adore anime!!!!

My buds are; @TheRiverRunsDeep, @Destiniie, @creativechicklolz, @MoonlightCupcake, and Much more. <= Make sure to check them out as well!!!

My favorite artist are: Beyonce, Micheal Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Paramore, Taylor Swift, The Band Perry, Alicia Keys, Adele, Drake, Frank Ocean, etc. I <3 music n all genres

My favorite color is blue.

*I am currently working on the Wanted Intro. There is a lot of things that I need to do, since this is my Senior year. Please bear with me!!*
~oxox, Jalissa aka TheMelodyGoesOn34
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The Wanted Intro

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Description: I have to face my fears, literally, especially since this thing is after me with sharp teeth and raging eyes, it wants my soul, but I'll fight to the finish.

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Rivers of Life

Rivers of Life

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A poem that I wrote with the inspiration of Langston Hughes' poem The Negro Speaks of Rivers. <33 My...

I am Sensitive and Emotional

I am Sensitive and Emotional

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This Poem is about me, and I hope that you like it. Plz comment

My Happy Place

My Happy Place

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The Mysterious Teenager

The Mysterious Teenager

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One- shot... This short story is about a teenage girl being taken advantage of, and being misunderstood...

TheMelodyGoesOn34 commented on Omerta- Book I - 19) Shakedown

                        “I see what’s going on here.” I narrowed my eyes. “You’d love to have some stay at home chick on the side to fúck around with, when you’re bored of all your other little ho’s...
She black.. I can fill it
TheMelodyGoesOn34 commented on Omerta- Book I - 15) Knock Off

                        “I won’t mention the colossal amount of t!ts I just saw,” I continued ranting, on my own train of thought, “because I’m sure you were never going to tell me about that. You le...
This girl...
TheMelodyGoesOn34 commented on Omerta- Book I - 15) Knock Off

                        “I was furniture shopping. Your freaking one-eyed woman beater kidnapped me, and put me in this outfit,” I spat out, disgusted with the reminder. “I’d say it was just a coinci...
Hell nawl
TheMelodyGoesOn34 commented on Omerta- Book I - 15) Knock Off

                        “How the fuck did you get in here?!” Ferro blew up, his face turning beat red as screamed. He appeared to he wanted to hurt me, but he physically couldn’t. His emotions battle...
I ain't buying no furniture... Never if it results in that
TheMelodyGoesOn34 commented on Omerta- Book I - 14) Stolen

                        I raised my chin high. “No,” I said, making my voice a little deeper than usual. A part of me wanted him to come to me, so he could be my bitch, and knock him straight on his...
You betta work *snaps for days*