Smile, you peices of shits.
Read my profile.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
A face like yours
belongs in the zoo,
But don't worry!
I'll be there too,
Not in the cage,
But laughing at you.

When life gives you lemons, squeeze them in peoples eyes.

I like to lick pineapples and flirt with doorknobs. I'll tell you a secret, they always approach me! I swear! Maybe I flirt first with the doorknobs but you cant deny it; they're so hot. I love to go to supermarkets and stare longingly into a toilet seats eyes, ahh.. Youth.

Tell me some bird puns. Toucan play at that game! You better not be robin my puns ;)

If you see this, I'm sorry. I just left wattpad, I got through it. Please, don't message this account or have anything to do with me. I won't be coming back though and I would like you to stop all of your books if they are about me, and stop commenting about missing me. Whoever I interacted with on this profile, I do NOT want to talk to you. I know ignoring this is wrong, but I'm getting better now. This is all in the past. Thank you -- Maniac.

Its also trainwreck after trainwreck with short snack breaks. Talking about trainwrecks, what happened to your face?

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I have five fingers,
The middle ones for you!

Tereca Green, get it? Haha. No? Okay.

Ben Dover! Haha! Ok, I'll stop.

Robin Hoods. Yes, I'm fully aware that there is an S but are you not more scared that hes robbing hoods!?

If you mix: Skittles, M&M's and reeses peices.. you are either EVIL or GENIUS!

I was once a ten-year-old who couldn't spell genius. #Jenius.

I would destroy the planets but that means I would demolish Uranus. How unfortunate, your already messed up enough.

You say I have a dirty mind but how do you understand what I'm talking about?

My mind is crazy. From Jason Vorhees to pink obese llamas, you must keep your belt ON AT ALL TIMES. You may be attacked or left scarred.


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