Hey yo home dawg what up let's go rob Wal•Mart YOLO YOLO YOLO swag #yolobeanbagswag2013 *HACKED! by @Little_Miss_Zelda *

This is meh little sister's account. her name is squishy and she shall be mine. haha, nah, her name's Gabbles!
she's really awesome, so you should fan her! you should also check out her fantabulous books...and possibly vote...?
she's really foxy, but she's super short.
she gets her love of Zelda and Trauma Team from mua, so sorry if she's too obsessive.
i wuvses her with all my heart, (sisterly wuvses) and i betcha' you'll like her too!
she plays softball & soccer.
she's super random, hyper, *annoying*, wierd, funny, ect.
she's a Christian. she loves God and won't put sexual content in her books. EVER.
she adores One Direction...why? i do not know...
she loves Louis Tomlinson
she doesn't like Saria, she's too...perky...
she doesn't like Thor because......i don't know...

▲ ▲ -___- Happy now, @CRT_hater777 ?

Gabby with some people to fan!

@Little_Miss_Zelda - She's my big sister, and I love her! She's funny, and a big nerd! Yeah, she's the bomb!

@traumateamgeek12 - That's Mads and I shared account. We have some cool books on it if you wanna check 'em out!

@bottled_the_stars_ - She's Elyse! She is very very awesome, and she has an awesome book called Lily (that y'all should read) and she's going to write more books! Right Elyse?

@VanadiumWolf - She's my best friend Jenna! She's an awesome yelling buddy, and she's an awesome wolf lovin, minecraft lovin, ghost lovin buddy! She has an awesome wolf stroy if any of you guys wanna check it out. (hint hint!)

@VanadiumLink - That's Jenna and my joint account! :D You guys should read it! We're making a Creepy Pasta/Legend of Zelda story! You guys should check it out!

@TriforceUnited - That is a joint account of a lot of awesome Zelda nerds! (I am apart of those many nerds!)

@1D_Lover___ - My 1D account! It's me, going 1D!
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Hey guys! I am so sorry I haven't been on here in a while. I'm going to try to update as often as I can. Again, I'm soooo sorry. But thank you all for the positive feedback. It was amazing to log bac...
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