Me: hewwo~
I'm Beep! nice to meet chu~
I'm the who is normally active and talk to people, warning i'm REALLY ANNOYING AND WOULD SPAM YOU WITH ALL MY <3 love
*looks at Reaven* Reaven! i remeber what you did on the last bio! dare you be lazy this time and i-
Reaven:okayokay chill jeez, sup i'm Reaven,Rea,Reav whatever you wanna call me, basically i'm more than your typical bitch, much better. hurt beep and i swear we gona have a BIG "NICE CHAT"- (the chill Savage one)
Me: 0w0 okiok!Reaven!chillax!
Scarlett: hello! the shipper and nerdy one here! i'm NOT gonna read books unless and until i want to so byeee~
Flare: hey hotties and cuties~ (the dirty flirty one)
Sadi: h-h-hi! (The sad depressed one)
Me: =_= *face palms*
well it's okay
here are some special people!
My guardian angel, my lovely sister- except when you meet her high drunk side: @Mina1330
My sweet protective caring fun Bestie: @bongake
@jonahswhore stop dying on me butthead, and may0 i'm NOT momo
@Navyplaz is my homie! my fam! he's really sweet when you get to know him more, he's really cuddly too! ヾ( ̄▽ ̄) and we have pun wars
My watty mom who is protective, easy going and lovely!: @hidinginmy_hoodie SOMEONE TELL HER I'M NOT THE ONE WHO SCRATCHED HER! IT'S MY TWIN BRO-
my watty dad WHO'S REALLY COOL AND PUNny too!:
and that's it i guess
My sweet awkward fam who is nice and has good sense in Cartoon lol and he's so smartttttt : @shyflowerboy
you came til here?
you deserve a cookie!
and a hug if you want!
and do you wanna cuddle? tell us on the mb! Oh and also you have to Ask for da follow back

if you wanna talk or need help or sth then feel free to pm us lovely~
i won't judge i pawmise~ (ywes)
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I have my periods I have crampsBut at least I don't have a baby in my pants Thank you and have a great rest of ya life :)
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