"Maddy is my girlfriend."
~ No One Ever

Hey, what's up? The sky, duh 🙄.

Okay, this is a message to my mate, wherever you are. I am here! Come find me! I've been searching for my mate all my life!

Oh, you're not reading this? Oh (😰)...

Anyway, as far as I know, I'm a human. But, that part of me dreams about really being a werewolf or a unicorn. Or being mated with a werewolf (or unicorn).

I have been self-diagnosed with an addiction to Wattpad, considering I am on it probably 98% of my life. Oopsies! 🙊 Is this bad for my health? Eh, probably not. If so, I'd be long dead!

Wait, you're still reading this? Why? I'm just a boring potato? I'm confuzzled! Eek!

Brb, I'm getting food.



but there are no potatoes at my food parties. i am not a cannibal.

Ermmm, shoot, what else is there to know about me? Ummmm ... I am known as Super Grammar Lady, and @YouWillNevaKnow AKA mah bestie always makes me edit her stories, which is really annoying cause she sucks at grammaring (haha, the grammar puns). We also have an account of us and my sister, three_peas_in_a_pod, which I also edit for. And @YouWillNevaKnow also writes on that account, so my life is a living hell trying to edit her stories.

You know that quiet nerd that doesn't talk to like anyone but her besties? That's most likely me!

I think that's everything about me. Welllll, I also have 6 guinea pigs. Is that cool? Probably not but oh well 🤷🏽‍♀️. Oh, and once in orchestra (Viola players unite) we had to pass papers around, and each paper said someone in our class's name on it, and you had to write something nice or words on encouragement. Like 5 people wrote I was cool. Like whaaaaat, do you even know me? In the dictionary, under the word 'cool,' you know how there are antonyms? It says 'Maddy' on that list.

Dear god, I've been rambling. If you read up to this, you get a medal for dealing with this boringness. ----------» 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅

Well byyyyyyyyyyyyyye!
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