Thanks for looking at my page! but don't stop there. it would be awesome if you could vote or be a fan of my work. <3

Go look at my friends Wattpad her name is CCisCrazy. She is like my best friend, I love her <3.

I am a Anime and Manga fan so if you know of some really good Anime/Manga tell me about it ^.^
My fav Anime/Manga are:
-Wolf Rain
-Fullmetal Alchemist (kind of :/)
-Elfen Lied
-Death Note
(there are more but they were not my fav)


:) I'm okay with you saying 'thanks for fanning' but if you are going to do it PM me it. OR!!!! If you write it on my wall could you please just read one thing of mine. So you can say what you think of my writing. :D thanks <3 P.S I know some of you may not have the time, so there for, just PM or don't thank me at all.
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TheKangarooRat TheKangarooRat Jun 21, 2012 01:06AM
@Annalyn Thank you <3.
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Description: The group of people have no way to make it besides steal and sell. They work together, but all have a past they wish to not tell. Why would they think of telling the truth when they don't even want to believe...


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