Huh? Oh..Hai! :3  I'm Nick
Um, im friendly and i don't bite..most of the time >.>
Yeah I'm Bisexual, so what? If you have a problem with it then you can kiss my ass. Mkay?
You'll sooner or later find out that i'm crazy and need to be put in jail or something -.-

I am a MAJOR Bleach fan. Fucking love that show. If you know that show..I fucking love you.
I overuse smiley faces!! >.> e.e c: v.v
I love cookies!!

Uhh, if your looking to be my friend beware that i get attached easily. I've lost many friends in the past and dont want to go through any more heart breaks. So if you want to be my friend, dont say goodbye okay? Okay.

Im a good listener. If you have any problems, be sure to come to me. Everyone needs a savior.


Uh, i dont know!

@rawrsalot Oh my god. This guy. I cant even explain him. But i know that hes awesome. We're best friends. And I'm glad i found him. Loves ya Hammi <3

@willibear *sigh* This guy... he knows me. Hard to believe right. I was soo scared to tell him... but when i did he still accepted me. And i'm so thankful for that.

@ImNotWorthIt I LOVE YOU BOO! -kisses you- Your so fun! Can we cuddle?

^^See those guys up there? I love those guys, mess with them, AND I'LL BEAT YOUR ASS!
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