I wrote and published a trilogy that I called "The I Spy Series" nearly five years ago, that is at the tender age of twelve, and have since published and unpublished all three books in the series. 

Though I was not entirely happy with the books and didn't think they represented me very well as the writer I am today, I have decided to keep them up, and to improve on them.

Regardless of whether or not the trilogy is the quintessential reflection of my writing to date, the book has journeyed two long years with me and my friends (whose names are features in the book) and I belive the books are a testimony of my growth over the years.

To date, the books have been re - written and edited to my liking, however still capturing the storyline I had envisioned all those years ago.

It would make the awkward, aspiring twelve year old writer I once was; so indescribably happy if you read her work. All she really wanted was to write; and for everyone else in turn- to read.
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