Hai fellow weebz and otakuz! Im Vivi Phantomhive, tho I prefer Phantom, Ciel Phantomhives younger sister. Plus I'm part demon, part angel! 
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filipino🇵🇭, learning tagolog, korean, japanese & french
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Insta: thehybridneko
Twitter: thatpastelgeek
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So everyday i will attempt tpo write at leasy two paragraphs on a chapter, here is my schedule(that i will try to follow):
Mon: Always and Forever (KiritoxReader)
Tues: Do i know you? (JKxReader)
Wens: One-shot books
Thurs: Bubble of Secrets
Fri: Any/Books im working on that are unpublished
Sat: Free Day
Sun: Free day
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Here are some things i love! (i would love anime,kpop,jpop,book etc suggestions, i love fandoms and i want to make this list longer)
•black butler •Ohshc
•Blue Exorcist •Devil is a part timer
•Kill La Kill •Yuri! on Ice •Kaichou Wa maid-sama •Strike The Blood •Soul Eater •Pokemon (I loaf all Eeveelutions)
•Miraculous Lady Bug •StRaNgEr ThInGs •Flash •Arrow •any DC/marvel show/movie
•Jacksepticeye •Aphmau •Dodie •Thomas Sanders •Jon Cozart
•Laika •Tim Burton
•BTS •BlackPink •Got7 •TØP •P!ATD
•Books •UnIcOrNs!
And some more things!
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Random Facts!: I have depression and anxiety, Taken💗, Loves Nature, Pansexual, Mostly have Boy Besties and Online Girl Besties, believer in God. (Even though I need some holy watah)
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...i would like death :|
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