I write books for fun. All of my books are based on horses in case you didn't notice. Please please please go read The Impossible Dream and tell me what you think! It would mean the world to me.
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TheHorseWhisperer TheHorseWhisperer Jan 21, 2016 05:21PM
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Apologies its very late but oh well xD I just re-read "Flares" and thought it was heavily depressing and not that good. Opinions on it?
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¬The Impossible Dream *BEING RE-WRITTEN*

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Description: Every dream has it's ups and downs. You know, the ones that stop it from really becoming a reality? I guess you could say that my dream is quite hard - I want to go to the olympics and compete for my country...

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Inside the life of a 15 year old girl

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BY THE WAY THE COVER IS SUPPOSED TO SAY INSIDE NOT INSIFE :) This book is all about me and the things I...

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The Trio

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*The sequel for The Impossible Dream* Lily Young was many of the young girls inspired by Casey Jackson a...



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Why am I still here? In a dark colourless room where the only thing that's vaguely exciting is the sound...


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