I write books for fun. All of my books are based on horses in case you didn't notice. Please please please go read The Impossible Dream and tell me what you think! It would mean the world to me.
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Inside the life of a 15 year old girl

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Description: BY THE WAY THE COVER IS SUPPOSED TO SAY INSIDE NOT INSIFE :) This book is all about me and the things I: Think you should have Think you should avoid and The things that I love to rant about. NO ONES SURNAMES WILL BE PUBLISHED JUST FIRST NAMES. NO...

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The Best Friend Project

The Best Friend Project

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Each year, Kingston High School has a week where all lessons are scrapped and 10 students are all set a...

The Impossible Dream *Completed*

The Impossible Dream *Completed*

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In one race Casey Jackson's life is turned upside down. Her father changes and it's not for the best. Bu...

409 followers... ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS?? Thank you guys so so so much! Okay I have found a way for me to upload so expect something in the next few hours or so :)
The two chapters that I was hoping to upload today, will not be uploaded :( The reason for this is, my phone has completely died but before this, it deleted everything I had. That also means that I have no Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger, Wattpad (to upload) or texting either. I use wattpad to upload due to the fact my computer is too slow for me to post anything. I'm very sorry but its unlikely I will be able to read or post anything in the next week or so :( BUT THERE IS SOME GOOD NEWS! :D I am hoping to (yet again) re-write The Impossible Dream and I have also managed to re start "The Trio".  So when I managed to sort everything out, that should be posted! 
      Shout out today goes to:
      @hollyfakhrai-martin and @Sarah8Lily9
      (dunno if thats tagged or not)
Hello People! I am going to France for two weeks, so if anyone has any books that they want me to read and give my advice, comments etc on, please PM me before tomorrow evening! Or if you have any books you recommend me reading, please again gimme a shout :)
      THW xx
Also a horse-fan! I really like The Impossible Dream so far! I was wondering if you like Sci-Fi. If so, I have a book called Revolve I would really like for you to read. It would mean the world if I could get some feedback. Thanks!