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TheHorseWhisperer TheHorseWhisperer Mar 06, 2016 05:28PM
            So I am now officially 16!  so that means that "The Inside Life of A 15 Year Old Girl" is over!  fear not, because I am currently under way planning a new book with my best friend and also conside...
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Description: SOOOO because I'm currently bored out of my brains sat at home waiting for someone to get back, I decided that I was casually going to do a book similar to "The Inside Life of a 15 Year Old Girl" EXC...


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Why am I still here? In a dark colourless room where the only thing that's vaguely exciting is the sound...

Inside the life of a 15 year old girl

Inside the life of a 15 year old girl

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BY THE WAY THE COVER IS SUPPOSED TO SAY INSIDE NOT INSIFE :) This book is all about me and the things I...

The Impossible Dream *BEING RE-WRITTEN*

The Impossible Dream *BEING RE-WRITTEN*

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Every dream has it's ups and downs. You know, the ones that stop it from really becoming a reality? I gu...

The Trio

The Trio

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*The sequel for The Impossible Dream* Lily Young was many of the young girls inspired by Casey Jackson a...

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