H: Hi I'm Horris!

M: And I'm Morgan.

H: And welcome to our Wattpad! We (especially me) were too nervous to create our individual Wattpads on our own, so we decided to combine forces and create one together. Double the power!

M: That's right.

H: And so... here we are! Ready to spread hundreds upon thousands of stories to all who love the beautiful pleasures of reading and writing. This is going to be so much fun!

M: Yeah, but we probably ought to say a few things about ourselves here...

H: Oh! Yes, of course! Hello, I'm a university student studying Literature and I like to do cartwheels in the middle of the silent section of the library.

M: *Turn to Horris* speaking of the library.... shouldn't we be there right now? Studying for our exams...? Both our exams are just a week away after all.

H: But this is golden procrastination techniques! We can at least bask in our skill as procrastinators

M: Wow, yes, I can't wait to add that to my resume.

H: Haha yes, oh and we're both from UK!

M: Rainy England.

H: Yup...! Morgan, you still haven't said anything about yourself.

M: Oops, oh yes, I forgot. Um, well... I study Management and am in my second year. Also-

H: *Interrupts suddenly* she likes being annoyed by my library cartwheels!

M: What? No, they are delightful. A wonderful break from the monotony of vital revision.

H: Aw :) well Morgan, now we know your role in the storytelling is to write the parts about compliments to the character!

M: Haha, deal, expect very detailed and illustrative character descriptions everyone.

H: Yay, woop woop!

H: I can't believe we are running out of space already *gasp!*

M: A brilliant cue for me to go back to the library...

H: Haha okay, fine. You have to say goodbye first though!

M: Alright, bye everyone. *Whispers to Horris* who is actually going to read this far anyway...?

H: The lucky few who will win a free magical Easter Egg to be transported telepathically across the internet! Congratulations:)! Bye now!
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