『Welcome To The Hero Awards!』

UA's annual competition where the students are evaluated based on their writing's quality, grammar, spelling, and overall plot, as well as the votes they receive.

Read the Hero Awards Book for more information on the awards!

Below are the esteemed members of this year's Hero Awards and they will continue to be in future years! Each member is known as a My Hero Academia character.

Let's introduce the current members of The Hero Awards and the character they represent along with the available positions.

• • •

『Original Founder』
@MAYTWILIGHT • Admin Kirishima

@JOONBOX • Admin Bakugou
@AmbiguousGelato • Admin Todoroki

『Head Admins』
@MOFFII • Admin Ashido
@mikoterasu • Admin Hagakure
@MINHOLATTE • Admin Sato

『Class 1-A Admins』
/// • Admin Aoyoma
@quirkIess • Admin Asui
/// • Admin Iida
@LYNSPIRE • Admin Uraraka
@crispybeanxx • Admin Ojiro
@shinyadi • Admin Kaminari
/// • Admin Koda
/// • Admin Shouji
/// • Admin Jirou
/// • Admin Sero
@BlastyMcSplode • Admin Tokoyami
@Mysteriousmaiden1473 • Admin Midoriya
/// • Admin Mineta
@etosshis • Admin Yaoyorozu

『Class 1-B Admins』
/// • Admin Kendou
/// • Admin Tetsutetsu
/// • Admin Monoma

『Pro Hero Admins』
@TheImperialSarcasm • Admin All Might
/// • Admin Eraserhead
/// • Admin Endeavor

• •

『Graphics by @LYNSPIRE』
  • UA High
  • JoinedJuly 26, 2017

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TheHeroAwards TheHeroAwards Sep 03, 2018 04:01PM
hello everyone, admin sato here to update you all!as you may have noticed, the hero awards is closed until further notice. however, if i am correct, we will open to the public soon! for any question...
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