Hullo, I’m Kitty Kat <3 
Here’s some things about me that you really didn’t need to know! :3
-I am 5’ 4”
-I’m a natural born soul thief (Ginger) AND DAMN PROUD! Holla at my ginger-kin~
-I LOVE kitties <3
-I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE books, writing, anime, manga, art, and music~
-I am mildy-maybe-super-insanely-obsessed with K-Pop. My all time favorite group is EXO. *drools*
-I will bite if you don’t do what I say ;3
-I am “secretly” a vampire who is 306 years old. (As of October 2nd!) (1707)
-I will love you until you make me angry and then I might just hate you forever, it honestly depends on our relationship. :D
-I am sort of-… OKAY, REALLY smart-aleky. Sometimes. All the time. Whatever.
-I am VERY punny.
-I am a mean, not-so-lean, ginger, fantasy-lovin’ Machine
-I can be VERY weird, but I know you love it <3
-I like to draw and I decent (depending on the day).
-I make all my own covers.
-I hope you will read my stories because they are amazing…. Hopefully?
-I will looooooooooooooooove you forever if you read my stories though <3
-I am sort of in love tall blonde and Korean boys <3

And not mention…

I hate squash :x
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TheGirlisBrightRed TheGirlisBrightRed Nov 04, 2013 02:43AM
Rewriting Catalyst for NaNoWriMo! Expect great things because they are coming! Mwah <3
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