Shhh! Chapter 2 of Don't Say His Name is now live on the profile. Can you make it to the end without saying his name?


Hello, I'm a new writer on wattpad.
          I was wondering if you can read my book, "Hideous CryBaby". 
          Maybe you can give me some tips and ideas to start off my book?
          I did the first chapter, I'm just wishing to get views so I have a reason to keep on with my book. 
          If you can give me your opinion that would be awesome, maybe if you'd like to help me edit a better cover for my book, that'd be amazing too.
          I'm not asking for you to do all the work, haha. 
          Just wondering if you can give me some tips to keep my readers entertain (I don't have any yet) and how I can approve on some things. 
          Thank you! (:
          I hope this isn't too much to ask for or If I am off as bossy or rude. 

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