Hellooo (: 
I'm Maddy, kinda don't really use this much, so i'm sorry my posts are pretty much nonexistent..
@GingerHairball is my other account, just got a few poems on it, nothing really very interesting.
If you like my work, then thanks! It's okay I guess.
Hmmm a bit about me; I like cats, chocolate, reading, badminton, my spelling is literally the worst thing you will encounter on wattpad. Forget horror novels and call the grammar police.
Hope you at least get a little enjoyment out of my stories, any criticism is welcome really (as long as it's not totally demeaning and nasty) and for the love of god PLEASE correct my spelling.
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TheFlump TheFlump Mar 29, 2013 05:03PM
            Shane and Lacie and deeply in love but theirs is a love that is brutally destroyed, Find out what happens when you see your lover die before...
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The gay guy and I (ON HOLD FOR EDITING)

Social data: 1.3K reads. 39 votes. 16 comments.

Description: When Jasmine's parents leave her alone in a childhome, then die later from drugs and alcohol, she gets placed in a orphanage. There she sees the dirty work of a cruel gang living next door, kids get beaten all...


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