Well hello there, you ungrateful child. (*Evil smile*)

My name is Alison Grayson.(*prays* Please don't be a stalker.*)

I'm arrogant, blunt, cocky, sarcastic, sassy, full of shit and alot more. (*I can be nice*)

I hate bullies. When I see one, The first thing I do is punch them. Everything else then happens itself. (*Bully and you'll face my wrath.)

I know how to kick ass professionaly since I took self defence classes when I was very young as my brothers are very big shit heads. Me being the only girl in a group of 3 boys, you should understand why. (*Does a Jackie Chan move*)

Teen Wolf. Life. Pretty Little Liars. Life. The Vampire Diaries. Life. The Originals. Life. Some more shows. Life. (*How many freaking lives do I have?*)

I love cursing but I can't do it in front of my mother so I have to do the deed outside or with my brothers. (*Bad Mama*)

Klaus is mine. Stiles is mine. Isaac
and Kol are mine. All the hot guys are mine. (*Mess with me you don't*)

Did you see what I did there? Yoda talk. Yoda from the dark side. Star Wars. (*Wiki wiki wiki what*)

I have golden blonde hair which does not go with my rather flawed personality.

Green eyes which sometimes scare the crap out of me when I look at them in the mirror too long.

I'm 5'11. So usually all the guys are shorter than me which is very disappointing. But it makes me look intimidating which is a plus for me. (*Wassup Shorties?*)

Eventually I'll write something like a book because why the hell not? (*Stay tuned*)

Follow me on instagram : Wait I don't have instagram. . . That's akward.
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My best friend is fighting for her life in the hospital after tryig to commit suicide. What do I do with that?
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