Well My name is Vannessa ^^ { 2 n and 2s}

I am in a relationship [Sorry but the dude is hot seriously]

I am a nerd and the popular girl in school...

I am decent and dont fool around

My friends are the following

@jjjazzyjaz107 >she is my bff she was always there for me and she is a kind hearted girl (Please fan her)

@TheSeanBoy > My ex Boyfriend but we made a vow that we shall remain friends even though we break up (So Fan him too)

@XxxTheWizardxxX > Is My funny adorable love {Yes he is my boyfriend} and has a sense of humour (Fan him please _ and Girls LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!)

@CraZyMonStEr > The best dude you can have as a bf cus he is adorable and is romantic _ Not that mine isnt (Girls fan him!!)

@TheJaneGirlie > She is my friend for at least 7 years now (Great friend fan herr too)

@HotGuy113 > Captain of the jocks but he is so hot and is lookin for a girl.... Here are your chances girls

I am straight as you can see..(Sorry o_0)

I wanna make new friends and star a new life!!!!

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