Hello, to anyone who has stumbled across my page. Welcome to the chaos and confusion that is me, portrayed through my writing and if you are still reading this, I hope you enjoy my stories!

So, I'm pretty sure there isn't a non-awkward way to introduce of myself, so here goes;

Heyo, I'm a British, ginger-haired 16yr old who's basically just a major fangirl, who's head is most likely either stuffed deep into a good book somewhere or is brainstorming some pretty radical Harry Potter theories. I'm also openly lesbian and proud of it- if you can't deal with that then please leave. Bye-bye, ta-ta, to-da-loo, I'm closing the door now!

FANDOMS- SS, OUAT, THG, PJO, Merlin, DW, HP, Twilight, Sherlock, Divergent, TMR, TMI, Shadowhunters, Shannara Chronicles, Wolf blood, Maximum Ride, Dr.Strange, MPHFPC, VA, TFIOS, GOTG, TLWH, Narnia, Avatar, FBAWTFT, ROTG, TLAB, Grimm, MBV, Killjoy, The Flash, Timeless, Limitless, etc... but I also love books of lesser-known authors like Leia Stone, Kayla Howarth, Laura Thalassa, Brenda Hiatt, Siobhan Davis, Krista Street and many more...


My favourite music artists are Arrows to Athens and AURORA

I suffer from a chronic nerve pain condition called CRPS, that effects the left side of my body and which can fluctuate in severity from day to day

I thrive on learning new stuff and due to my illness, I picked up books as a way to learn and as a way to escape from the world. I just never put them down again!

Reading, writing and The Fandom is life

I obsess over Vanilla Coke

I have constant writer's block that lifts as and when it chooses

I have Aspergers Syndrome, a form of Autism

Oh, by the way, I do not claim copyright to any music/pictures that have been or may be used in my books. I hope you enjoy reading my works and yes, I know I have a lot of reading lists...

Anyway, have a nice day, wherever you are. Bye!
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Hey guys, just letting you know that if you actually wanna talk to me- rather than just supposedly write on my message board like Wattpad's telling me you are when you aren't- then feel free to pm me...
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