This page is for a series of short stories/"books" about my original character Cameron Jacobs. There are some unrelated stories but a majority will be centered around or related to Cameron and his adventures/hardships. Anything with a "TCS" next to the title is a part of The Cameron Series!
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@ch4rmed Wow... Thanks! I'm glad it was worth your time.
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Fatherly Secrets - TCS

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Description: Carly's father Cameron is far too protective. He won't even let her stay out past ten-o-clock. But shouldn't there be a story behind his attitude, something that made him the way he is? Carly digs deep into he...

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God Damn It, Cameron

God Damn It, Cameron

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God Damn It, Cameron If you're looking for the generic teenage love story, turn back. This isn't the sto...

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