Hello Han, thanks for adding my story to your reading list (although I am rewriting everything at the moment) and you are definitely one of the most talented (in terms of many activities and skills ie taekwondo, Spanish, Korean) people I've met on Wattpad. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


Thanks for the feedback, and hope you like it when you do get round to reading it. ^_^


@firewinner Hello, thanks for the little compliment. Even though I have yet to read your story (As it is on the 'To read' playlist) I actually like the cover you've made for your story. I'm not the most creative person to ask for book cover feedback, as you can see from my covers, it's not to over crowded with unnecessary things and it's easy to see what the book is about. Maybe the text (the 'by ......./ author) could change colour. 
            Like I mentioned, I'm not the best at creative things, so hopefully you asked multiple people who are more creative and more informative about book cover making.
            I'll also look out for the rewritten version.


@firewinner and a question if I may. Is the cover okay? I made it and I would like some feedback. Thanks 


Hi!! I just came by to yell out a huge "THANK YOU!" for adding my story 'In 30 Days Time' to your reading list!
          You just made my day!
          I hope you're having a splendid day yourself!
          xx AC ❤ CX


Thanks for the follow!