As-salamu alaykum!
To a whole new world!!
A world dedicated to the men, women and kids in blue. A blue world for the people who bleed blues. A world whose soul purpose is to spread positivity and happiness,(p.s We won't say no to heart wreaking, tear shedding books too) So, the people who love the blues, who loves to write on the blues, who just want to talk about the blues are welcome here.

We will listen to all your problems, promise.
If you're feeling down and just need to rant. We'll be there for you. For once a family of the blue army, always a family of the blue army.

Welcome to the blue army community.
Our community motto is "Obonato" which means; "I exist because we exist."
We are here to help.
We are here for you.
Spreading the wings of our love

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