I had a dream I was getting jacked by biters
It felt like I was being attacked by spiders
Developing a fear of biterphobia
I'm holding a gas can and lighter over ya
If I detect ya I'ma pulverize
Dissect your brain, diggin' in your skull for lies
And I'ma torture with material iller
Than a stark raving mad serial killer
I'm more dangerous than a loaded chamber is
A major risk to a plagiarist, so beware of the aura
A terror for the horrible will scare ya tomorrow
This is an airborne assault of other rappers
Hit the source to better my skills
I head for the border, and run the Galloping Hills
The choice is yours, 'cause now buddy's noises force
Me to scream 'til my voice is hoarse
'Cause I'm sick of these jabber jaws
And crap that grab at yours
And savage yours to bite like labradors
In the range of my double-barrel
And your life is in danger, trouble and peril
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