Hello! I am London, a writer of the following books below!

On "Night At The Railroad" horror book, you can request stories! Of course, if you do, you'll have to take some time out to work with me on the plot line that you would like for me to write. And of course, I will tag you before the story starts, and at the beginning and end, I'll make sure to ask for them to follow you! My treat!

Also, on "Mystic Messenger One-shots", you can request stories on there as well! And it doesn't have to be an X Reader. it can be one of these, as an example (of course, you can request whoever x whoever)

707 X Yoosung

Zen X Jaehee

Jumin X Zen

Of course, you can request different ones. I'll be glad to!

You can also request BOOKS! Yes, we'll have to work together on the plot and characters, but I can to that! So, the arrow pointing 'up' means you CAN request books at the moment. If the arrow is pointing 'down' you CANNOT request at the moment. That means I may already be working on a book with someone, I'm too busy with my "Outside-Of-Wattpad-Life", or I'm working on a book made by me only. So every two weeks, I MIGHT update the arrow. If not, I may have forgotten, or it is the same for one of these reasons.

No matter what if the arrow is pointing 'up' or 'down', you can still request on "Mystic Messenger One-Shots", or "Night On The Railroad".

So! Here is the arrow!

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