I'm TheAuthoress, I am a Teenager In Training. I go through days where I feel like crying a nothing else, and I have days where I feel like the happiest person in the world! Writing is my escape, and reading is my guilty pleasure. In the six week holiday I have read 9 complete books (all around 300-400 pages.)

Like any normal living human, I am a music lover. I hate POP and lurrvee ROCK. My favourite bands are:

Arctic Monkeys
My Chemical Romance
Black Veil Brides
Fall Out Boy
Panic! At The Disco
Fit For Rivals
Foo Fighters
Green Day
Linkin Park


Can you imagine my playlist?

I love my bestfriends more than anything in the world!

That's all there is... BYE
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Description: Elizabeth Morgan used to have everything- a loving family and a sparkly new home. When aged six- 'Little Liz' went to greet her new neighbours, only to become best friends with a blind boy called Lucas. Liz ha...


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