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Name: Hu
Age: 5
Gender: Male
Species: chimera ant prince
Personality: he barely ever shows emotion and is innocent, he doesn't know right from wrong, and whether it is ok to kill or not, so he can be easily manipulated
Likes: sweet things, books (He can't read, but he likes the shapes of the letters), quite, sleeping
Dislikes: bitter things, someone grabbing something from his hand, sudden loud noises, human meat, (he prefers to eat animal meat)
Good or bad: depends on who has him on their side
Hunter or not Hunter: yes
Weapons: no, he's a chimera ant prince
Nen Type: specialist
Crush: (possibly) his single royal guard, Khara, or machi
Background: find out in the RP (I tweak it from time to time)

Name: Beelzebub
Age: he is the third-youngest son of Satan, which means around 100 years old
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Species: demon
Personality: he's a lot like a lost puppy, in a sense, he'll follow you around if he finds you intriguing, and is loyal to the family he likes ((aka rin and his brother, maybe Mephisto if he's in a good mood, he can snap back from nice to extremely cold in a second, but doesn't show it around humans, because he doesn't like fear that much
looks: I'll show you in pm
the last two, he isn't like an exorcist, he's more like someone who comes and goes as he pleases

Name: Hu Kirishima
Age: 15
Gender: male
Personality: you'll see in rp
Looks: imagine he has a wolf tail and ears
Skills: tends to be quite
Semblance: physical trade-off
Weapons: Kusari-Fundo
Aura color: icy blue
Origin/backstory: will reveal in rp
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