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"There is a war between people who believe the earth is flat and those who dont.

I'm StrayLuluCat and I'm here to show you the science of earth's shape.

According to Dr. Taylor "woof-woof", my dog, "woof bark woof floof nrrgrrour grr woof"

This translates to "Earth is real. Give me treats. I am dog."

However, according to Dr. Taylor's mortal enemy, Mr. Thomas II aka Junior, "meow grr hiss mnno meow mew grr"

This translates to "I am god. Feed me. Obey me. Dogs are stupid."

Both views are convincing but we have to dig much deeper.

Digging means fossils. Fossils mean dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are dead. Dead rhymes with bed. People sleep in beds.


Digging = bed. The Earth is a bed.

Then again, Junior had a point.

People did once obey cats in Egypt. I once did a social studies project on cats and lost.

This proves cats = lost gods = Earth is ruled by cats.

Putting the two outcomes together, Earth is a bed ruled by cats.

This is very likely considering my 3 cats take up most of my bed at night.

Tell me what you guys think in the comments. Thanks for watching."
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