I don't know what I'm doing ???? well I suppose I should tell you about myself which considering I've known myself all my life you'd think It'd be easy

I'm not good at writing bios because bios are for people with lives and I don't have one but whatever

Twenty one pilots
Fallout boy
Panic! at the disco
Imagine Dragons
Teen fiction
Chicken nuggets
More food
The color green but it has to be a certain shade
I like black
Uhhh Joe Sugg is bae
Dylan O'brien is bae
Francisco Lachowski (aka king of Wattpad) is bae
I want to be a photographer because I can
Am I missing anything??

My catchphrase would probably be "damnnnnn"

"I like my self how I like my coffee: dark, bitter, and too hot for you"

Right now my favorite book is Just Kidding by LifeofmegXO one of the best books I have read by far.

*If you have any book recommendations let me know!

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Oh and just a heads up if I call you a bitch it's not an insult I call everyone a bitch unless you're an actual bitch then you'll probably know
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