I'm not normal... Like, literally. A video game addict, creepypasta lover, young fanfic author (Maybe in the near future will be able to make other books that aren't fanfics.), loner, and a lonely person who is quiet and speaks to herself when playing video games .-. Who the hell cares if I don't dress "lady-like?" XD Because this is a free country so adults... Let me live, okie? Don't make me go outside and play when I have everything inside... And please mother don't say my clothes look like pajamas or aren't lady like or are ugly ._. What if I told you your clothes are to showy hmm? What if I told you they were too small? Okay I'll stop now...

...I don't have any social medias because, it just seems boring to be honest. So basically... Just PM me on Wattpad OR... If you have hangouts, you can ask me for my hangouts and we can talk there as well :D AND ACTUALLY... I do have Instagram. It's @nightmarewolf30 I didn't post anything but will soon enough... I just have it because a friend of mine told me to get it.

Just know that we can be friends :D I'm not really a follow for follow account but I do follow people who I look up to, read books, or just a few followers who do. Anyways, if you want to talk about anything including the following tips (For almost anything I guess?), depression, or just need a friend I'm here! I do not accept mean comments towards a reader. If I see it, I'll delete the comment as soon as I can. I don't like it when people spread hateful comments to each other since I have experience bullying myself. I don't want any of my fam to get hurt >_< IM HERE AND LONELY XD

Music is life, I'm a bookworm, i have glasses (Idk why I wrote that..), I'm an author who is younger than my fam XD, and hopefully become a YouTuber as my job...

I. AM. AWESOME! Because... I just want to think that so, don't ruin my imagination alright? .-.
  • Earth, In my house, in my bed, just... Maybe playing video games till 2 am...
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2nd book of Levin x Reader I out now peeps >.< First chapter will be out in a couple of days since I'm trying to plan where I'm going to start it! 
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