"I try not to think, it interferes with being nuts."
-Leo Valdez

I'm sorry, what's human interaction?

The Underworld has no normal mortals.

Nor does Stark Tower.

Facts about me:

•Daughter of Hades, Legacy of Hecate.

•Adopted by Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes

•Major Fangirl

•Hogwarts Witch

•Book Crazed

•Socially Awkward

•Slytherin & Proud

Me Rest of Population
0 100

Sister of Nico

"You won't like me when I'm angry."
-Bruce Banner, The Avengers

I am also known as Natalia Elker, to some.

**cough** Unicakes101 **cough**

Check me out, i need friends. Just tell me you're from WATTPAD.

#PJOFandam #ImagineAvengersFanclub
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