hello, my name's Niti . louis is really tiny and i love him a lot. 
{and alycia loves u a lot hello <3}

kik: s(big i)eepylouis
twitter: admirlouble
ao3: Niti
tumblr: *was* harryangeltomlinson.tumblr
instagram: nitimeow
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- i sleep too much.
- i decorate my room too much.
- i'm clingy, annoying and stupid.
- too many dreams, too little time.
- people in real life usually annoy the fuck out of me.
- bare with me please.

My babies are : @BlondeMoments, @Alyciaaa_1D, @Nyctophilic. lovelovelove
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Poison & Wine (L.S ~ Sequel to Skinny Love)

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Description: ''I don't love you, but I always will.'' In the second installation of this series, Harry and Louis rejoice their new found love by adopting a child, Luca. However, when things pick up with both of their careers -- Louis being signed to a football...


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One Shots {Larry Stylinson}

One Shots {Larry Stylinson}

19.7K 472 73

A collection of the one shots I've written. Everything from smut to fluff to angst to deaths, drama, wha...

Skinny Love (Larry Stylinson BoyxBoy)

Skinny Love (Larry Stylinson BoyxBoy)

3M 52.1K 23.2K

THE SEQUEL IS 'POISON & WINE', CHECK IT OUT ON MY PROFILE. What is love? Quite the platonic question...

Skin [ Larry Stylinson AU ]

Skin [ Larry Stylinson AU ]

69K 1.2K 259

The definition of a relationship is the state of two or more concepts being connected. Therefore, Louis...

As I Lay Dying {Larry Stylinson AU} *Mini-Hiatus*

As I Lay Dying {Larry Stylinson AU} *Mini-Hiatus*

20.6K 418 106

Destiny printed in simple font and with little thought. A typical romance, with a brooding heroine and m...

Tatabarby posted a message to ThatKidNiti
Niti hello, I loved the story Skinny Love, and I wondered if you grant me the honor to translate it into Italian, so that it read to another nation and also to show what you are good at writing❤ I grant permission? I hope you'll say yes!❤ Answer Soon❤
Hii wonderful people of Wattpad (: um, so many of you probably have forgotten about me and I know I made a promise to give you regular updates, especially now that it's summer... And now it's been three months from my last update. I'm gonna be blunt and honest and just say that, well, I've been kind of sick of writing. I just haven't felt right at all. I felt like what I was writing was turning out to be complete and utter crap. I don't blame you if you've given up on me at this point, I would've as well if I were any of you. 
      However, on the 27th of June I went to see my boys, One Direction, and I just feel so ready once again. I'll try not to let you guys down this time but if time starts to go by again, please do message me to let me know it's been too long. I'll always reply on my KIK which is - s(capital i)eepylouis ):
purpleashley posted a message to ThatKidNiti
annyeo!  saw your book and it just popped in" ahh  I have to message you"  so, I have a idea ,mainly a short book but I just can't get it, so I am offering my idea to you.   however I don't wanna post  so it doesn't get jacked.  if interested get back to me.