I am 19 y.o girl. I like watching sports. I love Football (soccer) a lot and play sometimes too. Huge Manchester United fan.

I am a swifty. Love Taylor Swift forever.

Chocolate lover. Bacon is all time favourite.

I automatically love people who play Guitar.

Red and Black are my Favorite Colours.

I am an animal lover. Dogs are my life and I love my lovely babies(A German Shepherd and a Dachshund) too much.

I dont like judging people and people who judge.

I can laugh on simple jokes therefore its very easy to make me laugh. But seriously I can laugh at nothing, no reason. Weird right? Unfortunately its true. Sometimes I am embarrassed by this habbit.

Ummm. What else? Before i start my long list of embarrassing and weird habbits.. I better stop. Thanks for reading though :)

Read my story Riordan's Sinead.
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Story by Taylor Lover
Riordan's Sinead by ThatChippedSkittle
Riordan's Sinead
Riordan and Sinead are Childhood Sweethearts. They are also bestfriends. Together they overcome their obstacl...