hate these 'about me' crap.
imma lay down 20 things:
1. im a soccer player
2. i hate hate hate hate spammers
3. i love love love romance stories
4. i love love love LOVE humorous love stories
5. i am filipino (kamusta ;) )
6. i write about my actual situations like the bubblegum story
7. the bubblegum story is just what i write down in my journal about any encounter i had with the guy i like
8. the sweater story is about a relationship i had in the begining of eighth grade.
9. no im not gonna tell you the real names of those two guys >.<
10. the bubblegum story is still going on
11. I still like him, maybe even love...
12. i read constantly so if you think your story is good comment and i'll take a look
13. i get hooked on some books on wattpad and stay awake till 3
14. once i was reading 'enjoying the chase' by my fav author :) and i didnt go to sleep till 6am... NOT A LIE OR EXAGGERATION
15. the sweater story guy is still one of my best friends.. that can be stupid..
16. i dont write alot because i get lazy... by reading..
17. i know... my chapters are short.. next story i will do it constantly and longer
18. umm the prom story was just something i wanted to try out for my describing skillz...
19. i over exaggerate on the sweater story. ive never gone more then a kiss on the lips. never made out with anyone..
20. i hate quick sshort already known whats gonna happen through the ENTIRE story kinda books...

go to youtube.
type in: SheSings76
click on the ' Justine ' girl not the other one... justine is pretty good!!!
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ThatAsianGurl76 ThatAsianGurl76 Sep 12, 2011 02:38AM
School tomorrow and dance so I don't know if I'll have time! I'll try during lunch at the courtyard were I usually eat!
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