Enter name: DazedJuggalo..try again dick. > I on occasion answer to Kenzee, that's what my ma calls me. 
Age: 6-100
Title: Bard of rage
Sign: Star is Cancer and moon is capricorn!
Sexuality: PaNsExUaL my friend.
Gender: Female

Drem yol lok til pah, zu'u aan ni ful normal pel daar med enook kinds do games ahrk..homestuck!!

(YeS tHaTs DoVaHzUl My FeLlOw SkYrIm NeRdS)

OkAy LeTs SeE sOmEtHiNg AbOuT mE..wElL i LoVe ClOwNs, IcP anD aNyThInG tO dO wItH rAp AnD aRt.
I dOnT dIsLiKe MaNy ThInGs At AlL, fOr SeRiOuS, i LoVe LiFe AnD MIRACLES..bUt I dO hAVe rAgE iSsUeS aNd tEnD tO sAy ThInGs I dOnT rEaLly MeAn At TiMeS.

I hAvE a CoUpLe MeNtAl IsSuEs aS wElL aS a SuBstAnCe PrObLeM..bUt I mAnAgE iT fInE iN mY oWn OpInOn.

I'm FrOm SoUtH wEsT LoUiSiAnNa, AnD rEaLlY i JuSt LiKe To PaRtY!!

So YeAh..Um I aLsO lIkE hOrRoR aNd CoMeDy MoViEs..LiKe StItChEs!

My MoSt FaVerIoT sOnGs ArE ...

I aM nOt A hUmAn BeInG bY lIl' WaYnE

CaUgHt LiKe A fLy By FaLlInG iN ReVeRsE

MaD hAtTeR bY mElEnIe MaRtInEz

YoU dOnT oWn Me By GrAcE

My NaTuRaL hAiR iS lIkE EyElEsS jAcK's BUt i HaVe It DyEd DaR bRoWn AnD bLeAcHeD..Im GoiNg To PuT nEoN gReEn AnD gAmZeE pUrPlE iN iT.

So AnYtHiNg ElSe JuSt ASk My BrO










IrL qUaDrAnTs

<3- SiNgLe

<>- SiNgLe

<3<- Single

I hAvE nO aUsPiCtIcE


I'm PaNsExUaL aNd HaPpY wItH iT
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SuPeRnAtUrAl LeMonS
TaLkEd AbOuT tHiS iN mY hOmEsTuCk ScEnArIo BoOk!
Supernatural zodiac! by TerminallyCaprici0us
Supernatural zodiac!
Figured I'd give my faveriot show a zodiac book! For other fans like me.
Supernatural Rp by TerminallyCaprici0us
Supernatural Rp
I have a homestuck version of this book and I'm in love with this show so i figured why not?
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