Greetings! to my fellow wattpad readers and users. 

All my stories/books are connected to each other.

I love dedicating my stories to my followers, readers and voters:D

Please, be reminded that I am an AMATEUR writer and I'm having a hard time updating my stories/books (call it writer's block) or simply I'm procrastinating. I don't know what stories/books I should finish first. so, please bear with me:D I hope you support me 'till the end.

My Books:

Royal Blood [On-hold]

The Celestial Series
Book I: You and I [On-Hold]

Heart Series
Book I: Frozen Heart

Mr. and Mrs. Frost [COMPLETED]

Curse of the Phoenix [Soon]

Change [Soon]

TeeVee Show (coming soon)

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"Then one of you got my room!" I said with my eyes wide open. I turn around and went to my room. I turn around to know who was occupying my room and only find out it was... Meet Sun-hee, a girl who went...
Frozen Heart by TeeNice
Frozen Heart Werewolf
First Book of The Heart Series: The Frozen Heart She pulled back her power and saw the Alpha walking towards her. She caught an unfamiliar man following the Alpha from behind. There's a long slanted scar in his ne...
Mr. and Mrs. Frost [completed] by TeeNice
Mr. and Mrs. Frost [completed] Fanfiction
Jackson Overland is the best field agent of NBI. He is very excellent in his work specially in undercover jobs. His very independent and love working alone. What happen when he was appointed to do an undercover job...
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