My name is Tiffany :D I'm from Australia in Queensland and I hate it! It's always hot! Gah! Anywhore, I'm 16 and I love reading! I do consider myself a nerd as I spend every waking hour reading or doing home work, though I do have a social life and plenty of friends :p

Ummmmm I love reading any type of book, though I'm more into the (boyxboy) I have no clue why, but OMG THEY ARE SO SEXY! ... o.o ... I love them to death I mean, come on two guys getting it on is adorable :p ahaha!

I have been trying to write some books so if I ever post them...don't be too harsh :/ ah aha ah


I think it is safe to say I am a chocoholic o.o I eat it every day! Every night! I don't even know why I'm not getting fat from it, but oh well ahaha...

I have a dream to move to America, haha I don't know why, I just think I would love it there, I want to move to New York and get into a collage for the arts...I love singing, it's right next to reading and eating hahaha I sing everyday, it makes me feel happy :D and I think my obsession with America is crayzay! I mean I know the anthem off by heart, my friends think I'm crazy but meh :p ahahaha

anywhore, I think that is enough of my personality ......... :D HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!
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