I will name 3 things I like/love
1. Cats
2. Tessa ( my BFF fan her Tessathebookworm)
3. When a guy is so close your shoulders and knees are touching and you can feel the heat radiating off of him

Now 3 things I hate:
1. Backstabbers
2. Frontstabbers
3. Fake freaking friends

Now more things I hate:
Nawww I just kitten,

Umm other thing you should know aboot me, I have a strange obsession with cats that can not be described. I love hot sauce. I have a very dirty mind. If I don't get enough sleep I am a total beach. I love werewolves and unrealistic romance, haha. Ummm I am 12 I just want to get that out there. Also cats r hotter than yo fat ass hehehe, unless your skinny than their hotter than yo skinny ass :)
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