Hello everyone and welcome to my page!!!

I'm a college student who has big dreams of becoming an author to write stories from my own imagination. I joined the Wattpad community to become a better writer and hopefully (one day) share my stories with all of you.
~Here's a few things about me~ •Personality: quiet (around people), kind, creative, laid-back, and a total introvert in society😅. •Favorite Color: Blue 💙 •Favorite Animal: Elephants 🐘 •Favorite Flower: Roses 🌹 •Favorite Season: Autumn 🍁 •Favorite Hobbies: Drawing & Reading •Favorite Genre Books: Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Action & Adventure, Romance, or any other genre I may like. •Favorite Author: Marissa Meyer (Love her books❤️!!) Welp, that's all! Hope everyone is having a good life😁!!
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