While I am not a vain person, now is my time to shine... That was lame. I get that.

My name is Tayler.

I am addicted to cute and emotional guys!!

I am a journalist in the making. Currently, I write for an online racing website onpitroad.com

You can find me on twitter. And I am sure other places as well. (Not tumblr yet,I still don't know how to work that site. Its confusing, give me a break.)

I am a fan girl of the highest respect. Of whom I am a fan girl to... that's a question with a long answer and anymore, I am too confused to list them all in one sitting.

I love a few things. At the top of that least are my family, my racing, my food, and my writing.

I am not a lesbian, nor am I gay. I am just Tayler. The girl in the back with her spoon in a jarful of Nutella.

I am secluded with in my self anymore. I used to be a social butterfly, but when my mind grew bored of the drama, and I was just too tired to continue the act, I gave up. I found the deepest pit in my mind. It is everlasting. That pit, is the pit I like to call my imagination.

I pretend I talk to people when I am alone, and I like to imagine myself in places impossible for me to be in, but it never stops me from trying.

I believe in the impossible. Except for Unicorns. I am still a critic, but who cares, you love me and Unicorns... I love me and Unicorns.

I am 16 and still have not birthed any children. Thankfully I am too smart to not get into that kind of mess.

I pretend I am strong, but do not let that fool you. Sometimes, I just want to cry into someone's shoulders and to tell them what is wrong.

...but even I do not know what is wrong. If I did know, I would tell someone.

Lastly, I am somewhat of an attention hoar. I love attention. I love to be praised and to be told I am wonderful. SO if you somehow read all of the 1757 words I just wrote, leave me a comment. I like to communicate on the WEB. (Not spider web, the internet grandma.)

Have a good day!


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