Konnichiwa, Hello, Hi or whatever, I'm Tatonka or Tai-Tai-Chan and I'm high quality gay trash, just like Oikawa. I'm a little crazy and wattpad took what was left of my sanity and innocence. I'm actually  german, but I only read and write in english bc whatever.     
I'm a fangirl of hell of a lot of stuff with an entire fleet of ships, so here my main obsessions:

-Attack on Titan, Riren/Ereri is OTP, Yumikuri is cute, Jeanco anyway and Mikannie is goals

-Haikyuu, Iwaoi is best ship and a reason to live, also Daisuga, Bokuaka, Kuroken, Kagehina, Tsukkiyama, ....

-Owari no seraph, Mikayuu is canon Fight me!, Gurenshin too, Mitsunoa & Kimiyoi cause why not

-Fairy Tail, I love Jerza and Gale, Nalu is great too, I don't mind Gruvia and whatever other ships

-Black Butler, bc I love cats and relate to Sebastian on a spiritual level

I could name a lot more but that would get boring, now go and read my stuff!
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Chasing Bullets by TatonkaTanoChan
Chasing Bullets
Haikyuu Mafia AU: The city of Tokyo is in the hand of the mafia. Five big clans that have split the city up i...
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Bratty thief stole my heart  by TatonkaTanoChan
Bratty thief stole my heart
Eren is a very skilled thief living with Armin, Mikasa and a bunch of others in the underworld of Sina. He st...